So, you are in the car staring at the little love of your life and your spouse and you are thinking, “Holy guacamole, they are letting us take them home! What do we do now?” Answer: call us from the car! Preferred Pediatrics is here for y’all.

Even if this is not your first child, call us on the way home.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, we should see your child two to five days after their birth. Call and schedule one of the most important appointments of your newborn’s life.

As the biggest change in your life just occurred, there are similar big changes in your newborn’s life that happen in those first precious, hectic days. We want to help you transition smoothly through these changes and coming for your first visit within the baby’s first week is the best way to ensure a happy and healthy transition into parenthood.

Then, whether it’s crying all night, you can’t get them to eat, or a fever that just appeared out of nowhere, we are always available. If anything comes up after office hours, you can reach us anytime through our answering service.